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Portfolio – London Horse Sports

London Horse Sports is the only online resource for the competitive equestrian in Southern Ontario, Canada. With over 125 horse shows organized each year, we provide entertainment, education and communication to support our local equine industry.

Portfolio – London Horse Sports2016-05-11T16:11:13-06:00

Portfolio – Dog Ontario

Another niche marketplace. For a WordPress website, this one has a lot of muscle. Sales are offered for listing businesses and events to create a community with a very specific audience. The blog allows for content including videos, podcasts, pictures, slideshows and anything else you can think of. Registration is simple and allows users to

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Portfolio – Meet The Wedding Pros Show

The Concept Dan wanted to interview other business owners in the Wedding service industry to help couples save time researching and weeding through to enormous abundance of information available. This was also a great way for Dan to create connections and relationships as well as establish himself as an expert in the industry. You can

Portfolio – Meet The Wedding Pros Show2016-02-01T07:31:12-07:00

Portfolio – The Appliance Doctor

Start Up Website and Personality Video packages Rick Chandler has just started his business and came to us for a need to create an online presence quickly.  We were able to build everything in house and saved him some start up costs by using a template website that fit his budget.  The video added enormous value

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Live The Design Process

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Me I think there are a lot of reasons why you should work with me, but here’s the top five to get you started: I turn complicated business concepts into elegant web solutions at a competitive rate. I use templates. All of our websites

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What’s Next?

What's to come next? Marketing videos and audio are used to promote an organization or product and create brand awareness among consumers. But what we offer at Rich Mich Media is a little different than traditional production. Audiences are scattered and media consumption is getting more and more personalized. There are now podcasts,

What’s Next?2020-06-18T22:31:03-06:00

How to Add a Print Button to a WordPress Page or Post • DESIGNSbyTIERNEY

I wanted to add a print button to a client’s WordPress based website for a payment receipt page.  There are many instances you may want to add a print button – even though all popular browsers have a simple Print command built right in for any web page. I started by trying out the various

How to Add a Print Button to a WordPress Page or Post • DESIGNSbyTIERNEY2015-06-21T23:08:37-06:00

Portfolio: The Londonpreneur Show

In 2015 I had a lot of fun becoming a new Entrepreneur in London, Ontario.  I met so many people that is was getting difficult to retain all the wonderful advice and knowledge they shared with me.  In an attempt to remember some of their wisdom and also to show my thanks; I came up with this idea to record the conversations in

Portfolio: The Londonpreneur Show2015-01-01T22:13:25-07:00

Why WordPress?

All of our websites to date are exclusively built on the WordPress open source CMS.  We believe this provides the most flexibility for expanding your web presence as your business grows. Also, because we don't like to re invent the wheel. By utilizing existing solutions, open-source software, and popular web standards, we can help you

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About My Work

Once I realized that I was not limited to one location, I started exploring different Canadian cities to work in. Calgary has held on to me during their economic slowdown and I enjoyed watching the Entrepreneur boom that followed. But with a change in government, I don’t feel like I am as welcomed here as I once was. People are longing for the way things used to be and all I bring is new ideas and ways to do business. Onward to Vancouver maybe?

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