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Marketing videos and audio are used to promote an organization or product and create brand awareness among consumers. But what we offer at Rich Mich Media is a little different than traditional production. Audiences are scattered and media consumption is getting more and more personalized. There are now podcasts, YouTube channels, Netflix, iTunes, Web Shows, Vlogs, AppleTV and Chromecast. Equipped with a Smartphone, producing valuable video and audio allows my creativity to flourish.  So why not start your own show? We would like to help you not only produce your content but, we can help you with the distribution by tapping into one of our growing audiences. The Londonpreneurs, My Shop Local, London Horse Sports, Dog Ontario, or create one specific to your industry. You better get started soon though because competition is going to get fierce!

About Me

Once I realized that I was not limited to one location, I started exploring different Canadian cities to work in. Calgary has held on to me during their economic slowdown and I enjoyed watching the Entrepreneur boom that followed. But with a change in government, I don’t feel like I am as welcomed here as I once was. People are longing for the way things used to be and all I bring is new ideas and ways to do business. Onward to Vancouver maybe?

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Phone: 1.403.870.8705
Email: michelle@richmichmedia.com

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